A Little Excitement Can Equal A Lot Of Embarrassment

It’s embarrassing enough going through puberty and having your body go through changes. As a guy when you first take notice of the beauty of a women, and what you might be capable of doing with them, you will get an erection. Not always at the right time, however and this can lead to much embarrassment. It’s worse when you are no longer a teenager, but rather a grown man and you happen to be remembering a particular saucy moment with a women. When you happen to be at school or work, this can cause you to be in an awkward position, without knowing what to do.

Hide It!

There are some ways you can hide an erection and keep it from being noticeable depending on where you happen to be when it occurs. If you are sitting down you will have to move your penis as close to your body until you can make it go away. Remain sitting until this happens before you get up, otherwise you might have to readjust yourself. Face a wall or stand behind a counter if at work where it can’t be seen by anyone else. If there is an office or bathroom you might want to head that way so long as it is not caught on camera or by anyone else. You never know who might be watching. You can tie a sweater around your waist as women often do to block a period, or just hold it at waist level.

Get Rid Of It!

As easy as it is to say, it is not always easy to get rid of an erection once you have one. But there are couple of methods you can try that will work, at least for most people. If you can get to a bathroom, preferably one that is private you can just masturbate and take care of a quick need, but that might not always be a viable solution. You can hold some ice in your hand, and think about the cold, this usually works quickly. Another way is to think about sports, in particular when players get hit in the balls. That kind of pain is always remembered and your body will take note of it when you think about it. If neither of those work you might want to take those thoughts to a darker place and wonder to yourself what it would be like to have it whacked off. That should get the attention of your erection if you can visualize it in your head.

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