Knowledge is Power!


I admit I am very pissed when you want to know all possible information about your husband if he is cheating, but he just clams up. I can easily figure him out especially when is being quiet – for sure he is afraid that I might found out more if he opens his mouth and explain something to me, he might gave me more information that I can be sure that he is a cheat. Before I am a wife I am an Escort working for London Escorts and I do date quite a lot with guys, married guys mostly. So I am not new to this scenarios.

Admit it wives, Knowledge is Power, but forcing your husband to tell you the information about being a cheat sometimes often backfires at you. He will either becomes angry or very defensive about this topic. So, not you didn’t get achieve what you want but you men will clam up that much more.

I have a weird date before when I was still working at London Escorts of, there was a booking for me and it was a girl, then I thought oh maybe she is a gay or something, then I went to the resto we set up and then I found out she is straight so I asked confusingly, why? The poor girls was a wife and with 3 kids, she asked for my advice on how to get information from her husband if he is cheating.

Of course no thief would admit he stole something, just like your husband he won’t admit until you caught him. And even sometimes you caught him red handed he’ll just explain some BS and get angry or change the topic.

Yet, that is it. When I attempt to get specifics or I ask him for what good reason he would do this, he essentially shrugs and says something exceptionally bland like: ‘genuinely I don’t have many responses for you. I don’t know why I did this. I don’t plan to do it again and that is basically everything I can let you know. Demanding more data is a deadlock since I don’t have it.’ Why might he be so slippery about this? His clamming up makes me imagine that there is far more terrible data that he doesn’t need me to know – which makes me resolved to discover all that I can. How would I make them discuss his cheating?

It is really challenging for us wives, because men do always have legitimate reason to not give any information to us. But actually I know 2 steps to counter this, first is self help and second is counselling. Counseling offers someone to pry the information you wanted from your husband without him knowing. Don’t go aggressively confront him, talked to him like a counselor, then you might find out why he is cheating, or what you could have done to prevent it. Because in my experience men cheats because of boredom, YES ladies out of no reason at all.

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