Get Your Personal Space

On a recent break from London escorts, I took a couple of days to travel to Glastonbury. I had been to the music festival several times but never really taken the time to visit Glastonbury itself. For some reason, the visit had a profound experience on me. I felt that I was in a sacred place and felt really calm. All too soon my couple of days off from charlotte London escorts were over and I was forced to rush back to London. But, I knew that something had changed in my life.

When I came back to London, I got straight back to work at London escorts. However, a couple of days later, I found myself standing outside a shop selling crystals. It felt very much like I had been guided there by some kind of energy. That day I had got some really good tips from London escorts, and before I knew it, I was in the shop spending my money on crystals. I just knew that I had to create my own sacred space in my home.

Can you create your own sacred space in the middle of a busy city? Yes, you can but you need to think about how to go about it. The idea may seem a bit weird and I am not sure that I will ever share my need to create a sacred space with my friends at London escorts. I think that most girls who work for our London escorts agency would think I am a little a bit weird. But, you can certainly create a special place in your home or make your entire home into a sacred space.

What do you need? Creating your own sacred space is not so difficult. The first thing you need is water. This represents energy and is at the same time cleansing. The water feature does not have to be large. It can be anything from a fishbowl to a small fountain or waterfall. I bought a small waterfall fountain and placed it in my living room. After it had been there for a couple of days, I surrounded it by crystals. It felt right to do so, and I now feel that this part of my living room has a much better energy and I love it.

Am I going potty? Most of my London escorts friends would probably say that I am going potty if they found out what I do on my days off from London escorts. But ever since my trip to Glastonbury my life seems to have changed for the better, I keep on adding more and more stuff to my home. Crystals play a vital role but so do certain plants and paintings. I knew that I am being naughty, but I don’t mind spending a small fortune on turning my home into a sacred place. It is my own personal oasis in the middle of London and gives me the energy I need to live my life.

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