Consequences in faking happiness – Ascot escort


Some of us fake happiness to show people that you are strong and happy. It is one way to fool them that you are not dealing something terrible in life, or you are not miserable. But to pretend that you are happy is a hard thing to do, it destroys you from time to time, the pain kills you slowly and it is hard for me to let it out because I am afraid of being judge.

I don’t want my family and friend look at me as weak that a woman can control over me. I show to them that I am dominant, that I don’t care people around me, they thought that everything is easy for me including moving on. When my wife and I divorce I didn’t show anyone how hurt I am, especially to my ex-wife I wanted to show her that she is not a loss for me. Every day I convince myself that I am strong but at the end of the night, I find myself alone and crying. I have no one to share my grief, no one to show my weakness, and that kills me every time I saw couples who are happily in love.

It was a blessing that I went to Ascot to attend an event. It was I and my secretary supposedly together but unfortunately she had family emergencies that stop her from coming with me. I heard about Ascot escort from, read articles about them and so far, all was positive. Some articles say that Ascot escort are man’s healer. Many men choose to book Ascot escort when they feel bad about everything. And it thought, it is not wrong for me to book an Ascot escort. I book an Ascot escort during the event. I arrived at Ascot at night, and in the morning is the big day. I got a text from an Ascot escort that she is ready and give me her location. I go to her, and her beauty was jaw dropping. She is simply amazing, but I try to hide my likeness to her. I thought I can control myself from wanting her, the more we are together; I have seen her inner beauty too. She was kind of generous, not just like that a brilliant woman. We spoke a lot of things, she was the one to share first her story, it was bad aft first but I see how she survived everything. I feel so comfortable that I let her know the real me. I feel so great and light. That was the first time again I trust someone. Ascot escort did a great job, everything I hear and read about Ascot escorts was true

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