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There is a funky fish smell..

I am not sure what is going on with my body at the moment. A couple of months ago, I decided that I would go on this rather funky diet which was recommended to me by one of my girlfriends at charlotte escorts. At the time, she looked amazing and I thought that I would see if I could get a little bit of what she seemed to have. After all, looking good is vital when you work for a London escorts service.This diet sounded simple enough, and on top of that, it was not a very expensive diet to stick to.

Food is not cheap these days, and at the time a fair amount of my London escorts income was going on my posh salmon and vegetable diet. I was probably one of the girls at our London escorts service who was spending the most money on diet, but at the same time, I was not sure that it was doing so much for me. My skin did not look that great, and I felt a but tired. To cut a long story short, I switched to my friends Hot Dog diet.I was not worried, but the truth was that a few of the other girls at charlotte escorts who had tried the hot dog diet had not been too pleased. They complained about all sorts of weird things and I could not really understand why. A large part of the diet consisted of eating Hot Dogs which are supposed to cause a chemical reaction in your body. I decided it sounded good and ignored the warnings of the girls who worked for the same London escorts service as me. A couple of weeks later, I started to notice a really funky smell coming from my vagina.

It sort of smells fishy and not very pleasant at all. I thought I had thrush so I went along to the doctor. My doctor is brilliant. She is naturopath as well as a MD, and we sat down to have a chat about my health and what I was eating. I told her about my Hot Dog diet, and she looked at me with some concern. “ That would explain it”, she said. Clearly I was doing something wrong, and I hastily told her about the other girls at London escorts who seemed to have experienced problems with the diet.It turned out that a lot of ready made food such as Hot Dogs are packed with chemicals and synthesized hormones which can upset your hormonal balance. It sounded just like what was happening to me and my friends at London escorts.

As soon as you upset your hormonal balance, the smell of your vagina will change, and obviously this was happening to me. It would also explain why my hair looked a little bit dull and why my skin was greasy. I soon changed my mind about the diet, and went on a complete plant based diet instead. Now I look a lot better, and on top of that, my vagina smells normal once again.

I never get bored with Edgware escorts

I have been dating in London for a long time, and every so often I change escorts service. The truth is that I get bored with escorts services, and I feel that I need to change. It would be nice if agencies were a bit more creative but I am not so sure that is ever going to happen. Now, I am dating Edgware escorts, and I have to say that the agency is one of the best that I have ever used in London. Not only are the girls very pretty but at the same time, the agency has loads of new ideas.

cute and sexy girls in edgware escorts
cute and sexy girls in edgware escorts

I think that over the next year, we will see a lot of escorts services come and go in London. During the last two years, lots of new agencies have sprung up and not all of them are that well run. I hate to say this, but I think that some of the newer agencies have not done established agencies such as Edgware escorts, any good. As a matter of fact, I think that some of the new agencies have give the escorts service in London a bit of a bad name, and that is very unfortunate.

When gents come to London to date, they look for a bit of sophistication, and sexy companionship. The problem with the new agencies is that they are very keen to change the terms or the scene so to speak. They often offer 45 minutes dates, and they are sort of clinical. I am not interested in that sort of thing, and that is only one of the reasons that I choose to use Edgware escorts. It is a brilliant agency, and they are sort of a bit more classical than other agencies. Also I feel that I can trust them.

The girls who work for Edgware escorts services are sexy companions but at the same time, they are always nicely turned out. If you have an important dinner date, you can rely on them to be spot on, and that makes a huge different. A lot of the girls at the never agencies don’t always look the part, and I think that some of these agencies do not really understand what escorting in London is all about. I just an old fashion guy really who enjoys a fun sexy date with a touch of class. Most gents who date in central London feel that way.

I am happy here with my Edgware escorts, and I think that I have finally found an agency that suits me down to the ground. Am I going to continue to use it? For the time being, I think that I will and I am more than happy to say that I am enjoying the company of the sexy vixens. Honestly, I wish that I would have found this great agency sooner, but such is life. I love to have a bit of fun on a Saturday or Friday night, but I do like to do so with a touch of class.

Sex and Teens

Should sex be allowed to dominate our young people’s life? I am sure that our youngsters have to much around them, says Tina from London escorts. Okay, I am only 25 years old, but I can remember being surrounded by so much sex when I was in my early teens. I think it is damaging, and I know that many of my colleagues here at London escorts agree with me as well. There is just too much porn, and then they are exposed to porn on the net. I don’t think it right and kids may even be growing up with a strain opinion about sex 

Sometimes, I sit in my boudoir at my London escort agency, and wonder if we should send teens to a sexual psychologist. I know that sounds strange but I think that it might give them a better experience, and idea of sex and what it should be like. Lots of teens these days probably don’t understand the difference in between porn and sex, and I am not sure that schools are doing a good job when it comes to sex education. I would so much rather that kids were given a positive point of view, and I know that many of my friends at London escorts agree with me.

I keep wondering if there is some way London escorts could go into schools and talk about sexy. Okay, we are not sex experts but we do not a lot about people’s attitude towards sex. If we could perhaps even go in and explain the difference between sex and porn, it could help. I am not sure if my colleagues at London escorts are with me on this one, but I think I might have a chat to them about it. It might be an interesting project, but it all depends on if schools are interested.

Sometimes, when I look back, I think that I would like to have been a sex therapist. I know it is not too late, and my salary here at London escort would pay for it. As a matter of fact, I can think of a few of my colleagues here at London escort agency who would make great sex therapists. After all, we are not worried about talking about sex and that is part of the problem I feel. A lot of people simply don’t talk about sex, and it does not feature as a dinner table topic.

Should parents talk to their teens about sex? They certainly should, but it is important that they don’t do it in a foreboding way. We should remain positive when we talk about sex, and it is easy to forget, that sex is suppose to be a positive experience. I do wonder how many parents who openly discuss sex with their kids, and I have to say that there are probably very few. Share your experiences with your kids, and you will probably start to understand you own sex lives better. It is a matter of just having some fun together after all.

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